Lisbon-Portugal- 3-7 June 2019


3rd7th June 2019, Lisbon-PORTUGAL


Our 3rd TPM was held in Portugal between 3rd June and 7th June 2019. The AGENDA of our 3rd TPM was as follows:

– Job-shadowing in the hosting school

– Finding more about Pre-school education in Portugal

-Updating our Twinspace and project website

-Revising the Project Outputs

-Checking the final financial situation

-Discussing the dissemination plan and exchanging the means to share project results with neighbor kindergartens and local community in each country

-Making decisions in order to achieve long-term availability

-Redistributing the final tasks among partners

-Preparing the final report.


17 participants were in the Mobility and totally 21 in the meeting including the host teachers (from 7 partner countries). During the meeting, we EVALUATED the 21 months in terms of

1) COMMUNICATION: All partners seemed to be satisfied with the communication among partners,

2) MEETINGS: All of the partners looked pleased with the organization of the meetings

3) LTTs: Effective, motivating and educational

4) DATA COLLECTION TOOLS: Well designed and very efficient way to see the progress of the kids,

5) BUDGET MANAGEMENT: Satisfied with the guidance of the coordinator


Partners worked in small groups to update Twinspace and Web site, revise the project outputs. The coordinator worked with each group to reply their questions concerning budget. Each country contributed a lot to answer the questions in Final Report.

Different and innovative ideas were exchanged to design more efficient dissemination plans.

Our host school welcomed very hospitably. We had opportunity to get information about the Preschool Education System in Portugal and observe the children performing project tasks. The working hours, cultural trips, official visits were very well organized and in balanced.

At the end of the meeting, each partner country filled in the EVALUATION FORM for the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting, most of which showed great satisfaction.