20th-24th November 2017, Tallinn-ESTONIA

The Host Organization: VOSUKESE LASTEAED

Totally, 13 PARTICIPANTS were in the MOBILITY.

The main PURPOSE of our 1st TPM was to kick off our project. First of all, we  met our project partners. Then, we discussed the main issues in our project. We agreed on important topics such as project logo, deadlines, distribution of specific tasks,  budget management, etc.

We also did very fruitful JOB-SHADOWING in 3 different institutions:

1) Vösukese Kindergarten (our partner in this project)

     We spent 2 days here. We learned many things about the Pre school Education in Estonia. We were lucky because our partner school was a very good example of Outdoor Education in Estonia. We had the chance to take part in childrens’ plays in the garden. We were amazed by their independent skills in many tasks like putting on clothes, using gadgets, setting up plays, looking after the animals, etc.

2) Rannamoisa Kindergarten

We spent half day in this forest kindergarten. We got the opportunity to go for a walk in the forest with the kids to observe how they enjoyed themselves even it was really cold and snowy.

3) Jüri Gymnasium

We spent half day in this K12 school. We discovered that the education system in Estonia gives importance to individual differences. Most of the students were working in small groups and doing different things such as music, art, sports, science, foreign language, etc.

Our host kindergarten was very thoughtful since they organized a meeting with the MAYOR of RAE PARISH. With his nice presentation in English, we were equipped with great knowledge on demographic data concerning Estonia, Tallinn, Jüri, schools, population, children, education system, Teachers, etc.