01 September 2017

Start Project 01 September 2017

Start Project 01 September 2017

20-24 November 2017

TPM1- 20-24 November 2017, Tallin, Estonia

We will discuss the best ways to organize workshops 1and 2, revise the pre and post surveys and questionnaires for the assessment, agree on the best ways to control the budget and discussed the  needed expenses for workshops 1 and 2, design the ways to share workshop results with local..Read More

11-17 March 2018

LTT1- 11-17 March 2018, Buzau, Romania

The AGENDA will include the Presentation of Countries on LTT1 activities, Sample Lesson Plan- (each country prepares a lesson plan for their favorite LTT-1 activity), Prepost Test charts& Questionnaire Reports, Discussions/Comments about LTT1, Updating the Etwinning Portal/Project webpage, Discussing the Budget Management, Deciding on the Booklet Content & Design, Choosing..Read More

27 May-2 June 2018

LTT2- 27 May-2 June 2018, Antalya, Turkey

The AGENDA will include the PRESENTATION on ‘Preschool Education in Turkey and Education in Döşemealtı Ekolojik Kreş’, PRESENTATION of LTT2 Activities + 1 Sample Lesson Plan by TURKEY, PRESENTATION of Children’s Prepost Test Results & Teachers’ Questionnaire Reports Countries on LTT2 activities by TURKEY, PRESENTATION of 6 Partners on LTT-2..Read More