Alytus Kindergarten Volungele

Kindergarten “Volungėlė” is located in the southern part of Lithuania in the city of Alytus. 200 children aged 1 to 6 years old attend this kindergarten. There are 10 groups. 23 teachers are employed. A special attention is paid towards ethnic culture, celebration of traditional festivals, crafts. Our ethnographic museum includes typical items nad objects from nineteenth-twentieth century. Kindergarten is involved in gardening initiative “Green feet”, which unites Lithuanian educational institutions of ecological education. In our territory we have a garden; every year we cultivate different plants, i.e. herbs, potherbs, herbs, landscape plants, vegetables.

We organize various gardening initiatives to promote family time in summer in their gardens growing vegetables. Each year, we plant trees in our territory – rowans, maples, pines. Saplings are observed and compared with large trees, researches are carried out. We also take part in the Baltic Sea project, which includes phenology observations, studies of signs of spring.

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