Võsukese Lasteaed

Võsukese kindergarten is a municipal kindergarten located in Jüri, a small town in Rae parish about 12 km from Tallinn, which is the capital of Estonia. There are 240 pupils in our school (from 2 to 7 years old) and 56 employees work in it. Children have been dİvided into 12 groups by their age. Here we have natural environment, a lot of  health tracks.This perfect location gives us opportunity for fantastic outdoorlearning – what we love. In the preschool we have many preschool teachers and special needs teacher.

Attention to diversity is one of the most important priorities in our school. The personalising of education signifies the permanent adaptation of educational intervention to each pupil’s ways of learning. We try to achieve a comprehensive education which is open to diversity. Other important aims in our school are: teaching children to be respectful, the promotion of children’s self-esteem, the stimulation of creativity, and creating a relaxed atmosphere at school, where communication between parents and staff is very positive.

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