LEARN, GROW, HARVEST and EAT8th-12th April 2019, Mantova-ITALY

**OBJECTIVES of the LTT-4 are as follows:

1) To equip children with agricultural tasks to observe the cycle of life firsthand

2) To help children get acquainted with fresh organic food to develop healthy eating habits

3) To stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity on ‘English for Food’ activities.


**All Partners have carried out most of the following ACTIVITIES in their schools:

  1.  FOREST DAY and WATER DAY Celebration,
  2.  PRE-SURVEY with children on planting and healthy food,
  3.  A VISIT to an Agricultural Research Institute/Farmer’s Vegetable Garden/Green Market to observe Farmer’s planting seeds, harvesting the vegetables, watering or even composting the cultivated land,
  4.  WELCOMING a visitor (Nutritionist) so that children will be informed about healthy food and the importance of vegetables,
  5.  ENGLISH Lessons to learn the names of fruits and vegetables in English through Games/Songs/Drama
  6.  WELCOMING a visitor Farmer/Gardener for the Planting Day. Children learn about the reasons of growing our own food
  7.  PLANTING vegetables or fruits. They plant 1) a special local vegetable or/and fruit-different for each country, 2) uncommon different vegetable or/and fruit, the seed of which had been exchanged from partner countries during the 2nd TPM, 3) vegetable/fruit for their farm animal in their own kindergarten
  8. TAKING CARE OF the vegetables by watering or composting them and prepare a PICTURE STORY on ‘How to look after your vegetable to grow better’,
  9. HARVEST DAY with the involvement of parents and prepare a special food using their harvested vegetables and prepare the RECIPE to exchange it with other children in partner kindergartens,
  10.  FEEDING farm animals with harvested crops,
  11.  POST-SURVEY with children and Questionnaires with teachers.

**Totally, 20 PARTICIPANTS were in the MOBILITY.

-We did very fruitful JOB-SHADOWING in the host kindergarten ‘Corte Verde,

-We learned many things about the Pre school Education/Nursery in Italy;

-We admired the host kindergarten’s respect for the environment, outdoor activities with 2-3 year olds, their approaches to teach Nature;

-We were very pleased to observe children’s preparing natural colors from vegetables and doing painting with them at Corte Verde;

-We had opportunity to visit many different schools such as Montessory, Municipal, Special Needs;

– Thanks to our host school who organized various cultural trips, meetings with the authorities from which we learned a lot of things about Mantova and Italian culture and food;

-It was a good opportunity to attend a seminar given by a university professor with whom we discussed outdoor learning, using stories and cartoons and of course EFK;

-We were lucky to meet some women entrepreneurs and get informed about their work to support working women.

**At the end of the meeting, each partner country filled in the EVALUATION FORM for LTT-4 Workshop.