11th-17th November 2018, Bryne-NORWAY

Objectives of the LTT-3 activities are as follows:

1) To introduce children with farm animals to discover life on the farm for cows,

sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, etc.

2) To let children develop activities to learn the importance of farm animals for


3) To improve children’s English vocabulary on Farm Animals.


*All Partners have carried out the following ACTIVITIES in their schools:

-Pre-survey with children

-A visit to an ‘Animal Farm’

-Cater a different farm animal

– a poster of farm animals which their own little Farmer can raise in his/her farm,

– learn the names of farm animals in their English Class,

-visitor (Vet/Farmer)

-a presentation about their own farm animal

-World Animal Day Celebration (October 4th),

-World Food Day Celebration (October 16th),

-a picture leaflet about their little farmer’s duties in his/her farm

-a visit to a Dairy Farm will be organized to practice ‘Milking the cow’,

-produce a dairy product like yoghurt, kephir, cheese, milk cream or something else in the kitchen of their kindergarten with the involvement of their parents. The recipes to be exchanged with other partner kindergartens during the workshop in Norway,

-Post-survey and Questionnaires will be implemented.


  1. PRESENTATION on ‘Preschool Education in Norway and Education in Hauglandsbarnehage’
  2. PRESENTATION of LTT-3 Activities + 1 Sample Lesson Plan
  3. PRESENTATION of Children’s Prepost Test Results & Teachers’ Questionnaire Reports Countries on LTT3 activities
  4. Discussions/Comments about LTT3 Activities
  5. Updating the Etwinning Portal/Project webpage
  6. Discussing the Budget Management
  7. Deciding on the Design Pre-Post Test-4 and Glossary-4


*Totally, 20 PARTICIPANTS were in the MOBILITY.


*The project coordinator of our host kindergarten organized perfect PROGRAM. We were given detailed information about the Preschool education in Norway by the educational staff of Municipality. We were also informed about our host kindergarten during the job-shadowing. Thanks to their hospitality, they invited the whole group to their house where we had a very nice international supper and enjoyed a lot. We did very fruitful JOB-SHADOWING in 2 more kindergartens in addition to our host kindergarten.

-Our host kindergarten is a real kindergarten situated in a farm with hi-tec barn with milking-cows, a pig house and a lot of machines. There are also rabbits in the garden. Children are let to take care of animals to learn responsibility. We got opportunity to observe Outdoor Learning here since the children were playing and spending most of their time out door.  We were amazed by their independent skills when we went to the woods with a group of kids performing many tasks and using tools such as knives or saws.

– All activities had been planned in balance with educational, social and cultural moments. Great hospitality: lunch with mayor, snack at the seaside, journey to the mountains, guided city tour. We always felt welcome and part of the family.

-Educational visit to ‘Vitengarten’ with the involvement of kids were great. Again, we were amazed with the kids’ independent and social skills. ‘Learning by doing’ is an important part of education in Norway. We spent half day, but it was not enough to do all enjoyable and deductive activities taken from real life situations.

-‘Respect, Time management, Hospitality, Dynamic staff, Independent Kids, Learning by Doing Outdoor’ are some of the thing we take back our homes.