27th May-2nd June 2018, Antalya-TURKEY


  1. To equip children with knowledge and skills on flowers, pollination and

flower-visiting insects;

  1. To stimulate children’s curiosity about seeds and flowers through science activities;
  2. To help children get acquainted with pollination process using simple and funny tasks;
  3. To improve children’s English through Drama activities and/or songs on Flowers and Insects.

All Partners have carried out the following Activities in their schools:

-FOREST DAY and WATER DAY Celebration

-PRE-SURVEY with children on flowers and flower-visiting insects.

-OBSERVATION of  flowers in the nature and doing some activities and crafts with flowers. (e.g. flower collage)

-A VISIT to a Botanic garden/Florist to learn more about flowers and plants, jobs related to flowers.

-WELCOMING Biologist or Science teacher in the kindergarten to carry out some science experiments (e.g. Dissecting a Flower/Sprouting seeds/Dyeing flowers).

-EASTER DAY Celebration

-EARTH DAY Celebration

-PLANTING a Tree and KITE Competition

-PLANTING flowers in the garden both local and international (those exchanged durng 1st TPM).

-OBSERVING flower-visiting insects in the nature and discovering the process of POLLINATION.

-Making a simple ‘BEE HOTEL in the kindergarten.

-ENGLISH Lessons to learn  some names of flowers and insects in English via songs&drama

-MOTHERS’ DAY Celebration with families in the kindergarten

-POST SURVEY with children and QUESTIONNAIRE with teachers.

The Agenda for the workshop of LTT-2 included

  1. PRESENTATION on ‘Preschool Education in Turkey and Education in Döşemealtı Ekolojik Kreş’
  2. PRESENTATION of LTT2 Activities + 1 Sample Lesson Plan by TURKEY
  3. PRESENTATION of Children’s Prepost Test Results & Teachers’ Questionnaire Reports Countries on LTT2 activities by TURKEY
  4. PRESENTATION of 6 Partners on LTT-2 activities+Sample Lesson Plans+*Pre-post Test Results

+Teachers’ Questionnaire Results

  1. Discussions/Comments about LTT2
  2. Updating the Etwinning Portal/Project webpage
  3. Discussing the Budget Management
  4. Deciding on the Booklet Content & Design
  5. Going over the Glossary
  6. Discussing the issues to be mentioned in Immediate Report.

Totally, 19 PARTICIPANTS were in the MOBILITY.

1) We did very fruitful JOB-SHADOWING in the host kindergarten ‘Döşemealtı Ekolojik Kreş’:

-We learned many things about the Pre school Education in Turkey;

-We admired the kindergarten’s garden, fruit trees, the flowers and the  animals living in the garden;

-We were very pleased to observe children doing planting work in the garden;

-We had great time watching the children’s drama performance.

2) It was a good opportunity to to visit a private K-12 school with kindergarten in the same district, where we observed children doing different ecological activities.

3)Thanks to our host project coordinator who organized a meeting with the mayor of Döşemealtı whom we learned a lot of things about Döşemealtı district.

4) A different but unforgettable memory for most of us: A visit to Mosque and Open Market.

5) We were lucky that we were able to see very nice samples of Turkish Hand Crafts when we visited Adult Education Center.

6) A Cultural Trip where we visited Karain Cave, Evdir Han Caravanserai, Nomad’s Tent, Antalya Museum was a great experience to learn more about the host partner’s country, history and culture.

At the end of the meeting, each partner country filled in the Participants’ Evaluation Form.