‘4 Elements (Earth, Water, Sun and Air) in the Nature’
11th-17th March 2018, Buzau-ROMANIA


-To help children create an ecological awareness for 4 elements: Air, Earth, Water, Light

-To equip children with knowledge and skills on the 4-elements-tasks by grasping their importance for living beings, especially for farmers

-To stimulate children’s creativity and curiosity in different tasks related to 4 elements by observing, exploring and experimenting

-To improve children’s English vocabulary on ‘4 Elements’


-OBSERVATION of 4 Elements in the NATURE;



-KITE Competition

-Growing Herbs in water



-Building a GREENHOUSE

-Trip to the Fruit Garden

Each partner kindergarten conducted the pre/post tests to children and questionnaires to teachers before or after the activities.

*The AGENDA for the Workshop of 1st LTT on ‘4 ELEMENTS IN THE NATURE’ in Romania (11-17th March 2018, Buzau):

  1. Presentation of Countries on LTT1 activities
  2. Sample Lesson Plan- (each country prepares a lesson plan for their favorite LTT-1 activity)
  3. Prepost Test charts& Questionnaire Reports
  4. Discussions/Comments about LTT1
  5. Updating the Etwinning Portal/Project webpage
  6. Discussing the Budget Management
  7. Deciding on the Booklet Content & Design
  8. Choosing words for Glossary (Dictionary)
  9. Overviewing LTT2 (Implementation/Timetable/Suggestions for Prepost Test Questions)

*Totally, 21 PARTICIPANTS were in the MOBILITY.

1) We did very fruitful JOB-SHADOWING in our host kindergarten ‘Gradinita cu program Prelungit Numarul 8′:

-We learned many things about the Preschool Education in Romania;

-We admired the teachers’ management skills and the collaboration between teachers in the kindergarten;

-We were very pleased to be involved in ecological activities with children;

2) We were lucky to be able to visit another kindergarten in a village, where we observed children doing different ecological activities.

3) It was a good opportunity to pay a short visit to an Art School and spend time with talented students performing special tasks.

4) Thanks to our host project coordinator who organized a meeting with the local educational authority with whom we had opportunity to talk about the importance of Erasmus + projects and Preschool Education in Romania.

5) We would like to give a big applaud to our host Kindergarten since they did their best to increase our project’s visibility and dissemination using local media-TV, Newspaper, etc.

6) A Cultural Trip where we visited Peles Castle, Bran Castle and Rasnow Fortress was a great experience to learn more about our host partner’s country and spend more time with our project partners as well.

* At the end of the LTT-1 Workshop, each partner country filled in the PARTICIPANTS’ EVALUATION FORM.