The expected impact is:

  • The improvement of the skills and competences of kindergarten teachers and children on Farming activities
  • The development of agricultural skills of children through planting and harvesting their own crops
  • The increasing awareness of the importance of organic food and healthy eating at an Early Childhood
  • The nurtured love and sympathy of children through catering animals
  • The enhancement of children’s cooking and food preparation skills using necessary gadgets
  • The increasing knowledge of children, teachers and parents about different places (farm, dairy farm, botanical garden, agricultural center, green market, etc.) and different jobs (farmer, bee-keeper, vet, nutritionist, florist, etc.) and their duties
  • The improvement of creativity, inspiration, curiosity, observation and exploration skills, motor skills, social skills of children and teachers via conducting the activities and producing the materials
  • The development of foreign language (English) skills of children via enjoyable activities and also teachers through communicating with project partners in English
  • The increasing satisfaction of parents with the education of their children by taking active roles in some activities throughout the project
  • Having more teachers, children and parents feeling themselves as part of the European Community
  • Having more teachers, educators, parents, local people become familiar with some aspects of the European dimension and Farm Education.